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Hello and Welcome to all internet lovers worldwide.  A warm welcome too for all internet  users from China (like them or not they are a quarter of mankind). A special welcome to internet users from Iran of both persuasions, and to all from the Middle East,  the developing countries.  Hope you like the poems and photographs and so on here. 


An Unsung Hero

(Of Victorian Fiction)

No doubt “Wuthering Heights” remains about the most powerful of all Victorian novels, and to add to its luminous fame, the novel was never published while Emily Bronte was still consciously alive.  Even when it was published her sister Charlotte was exploited badly by the publishing company. 


Within the realm of the novel itself, Heathcliff and Catherine are the most controversial characters one can imagine in nineteenth century fiction.  Heathcliff’s character still has the potential to ignite heated debate even in this the twenty first century.


Yet there is one character in Wuthering Heights whom most literary critics ignore or mention simply in passing.  That character is Hareton Earnshaw, the son of Heathcliff that was given birth from Isabella Linton, after she was lured into marriage. 


To begin with Hareton Earnshaw is a working class figure in the novel.  And he remains an integral part of the working class throughout the story of Wuthering Heights.  This is not through self-debasement; he is kept ignorant of educational knowledge by Heathcliff throughout his life.  What is more, Heathcliff bullies him and forces him to work hard on his farm.


However, Hareton while he is a bad tempered and often foul mouthed young man, nevertheless never complains about his low social status, and even accepts his situation of farm labourer.


That Hareton is foul mouthed is well known to readers of Wuthering Heights, but one essential fact is overlooked.  The young farm labourer responds the same way to both men and women.  In other words, when he feels provoked angry, he is angry with both men and women.  Thus Hareton Earnshaw simply cannot be accused of sexism. 


By the end of the story of Wuthering Heights, Hareton is the only sole male character who has a positive relationship with young Catherine.


© “An Unsung Hero” by Hasan Abdulla, 12/2015


Actors Now and In The Past

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, actor extraodinaire, was born in Swanee, Oklahoma to a devout Baptist family.  After completing High School, he studied for a degree in journalism at the University of Missouri in order to gain his ambition, as an Advertising Arts Director.

However, with only two more credits ahead of him to graduate in Journalism, his inner self could not escape his childhood ambition to be in the Movies.  So he quit the University before the exams were due and left for Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.  Film acting comes naturally to Brad Pitt because it appears that after only seven months in LA he secured an acting career.  In the early part of his career, he made appearances in Dallas, a TV series and later made his film debut with a leading role in 'Cutting Glass' a horror movie, and then with Robert Redford in 1992, in the movie 'A River Runs  through it'.

However his first major success was in the movie 'Twelve Monkeys' where he portrays a psychiatric patient.  For this role, he earned a Golden Globe Award as best supporting actor.  He acheived even greater fame with the lead role in 'Babel' in 2006.  Brad is certainly gifted in all types of roles but it seems he is at his best in sombre and meaningful roles.

Tasteless Reviews

Just My soul  Responding-by Smokey Robinson

This song captures the mood felt by many Native Americans and Afro Americans, about the discrimination they often suffer at the hands of the Power Elite.  Smokey has given  a lot of wheight in this song to the existence of reservations for the Native Indians to live in, even though many of these original Americans are somewhat more patriotic than their fellow Americans.  They have kept their culture intact in spite of so many wars with the colonists who came later on.  Many of the Native Americans feel every bit patriotic. 

Just My Soul Responding has also included the sentiments of so many working class Afro Americans who feel cheated at being kept in poverty in spite of their part in building America.  Smokey draws on the fact of racial incitement in this song.

Most of Smokey Robinson songs are  almost without exception about 'boy meets girl' love affairs.  this is understandable as protest songs are limited in their capacity to change anything.   Nevertheless the song remains a timeless classic.


This excellent movie, is classed as a Romance film.  For  me it is both a romantic film and a Political Thriller at one and the same time.  The opening scenes of the movie show the exodus of Refugees from war torn Europe at the time of the Second World War. and the Nazi presence in Morrocco.

Central to the Movie is Rick the American Nightclub owner.  Yet the supporting character, Laslow is of close importance to this movie too.  The movie Casablanca demonstrates, through the events shown, how  a somewhat cynical man, feeling cheated by his lover (Ingrid Bergman) is still prepared to help her escape to the USA, at the cost of her joining Laslow on the flight and not himself.  This is what makes Casablanca such a powerful romance.  However this film equally demonstrates the courage and bravery of the French Resistance against the Nazis as exemplified by Laslow. 

The film was recorded in black and white, but it is every bit as colorful and lively as any classic movie.

Floods of Talent

'Messy Little Raindrops' by Cheryl Cole(Album Review)

The dominant attitude among music fans is to be suspicious of the standards of any new music album or song or even a new act.  People almost always feel reluctant to spend on a new music CD whether it is a CD Recording or an itunes album.  This is a result of tastes but also of the economic hardship recently suffered.

However I really feel an exception to the rule must be made in relation to the singer Cheryl Cole.  I reached this conclusion when I downloaded her album 'Messy Little Raindrops' on itunes.  My motive for doing so was really a type of loyalty.  Cheryl was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, and this town was the first town that I briefly lived in back in the early 1960's.

The latest album is promising but perhaps not as exiting as her debut album.  Still, I like what I have listened to so far.  Long may Cheryl survive on the music scene!

A New R&B Sensation

This is to introduce Emile Sande,  a new R&B singer.  I cannot help but admire her first debut single, "Next to Me".  This appears to be a love song, but also equally qualifies as a powerful gospel song. 

The song was followed up by another moving song "Read all about it"

 What can I say but "Rock on Soul Sister!"  May she have many more hit songs to her credit.


The Long Trek

by Hasan Abdul

The air is warmer

Yet it's sometimes colder

The summers are hotter

Yet often they are wetter

Now I find, all is gone

The world I knew, it shone

And now the viruses arrive

Now the illnesses stay

Few are left alive

And the meek cry today

For a treasure so apparent

For a promised covenant

Can the mighty ever bet

That nature is yet

A cause at which to peck

Saving the Earth is no long trek.

copyright by Hasan Abdulla, 11/2009


This website is dedicated to a very special person in my life, my mother. She a real martyr against intense prejudice. She is the reason why I exist. 

About my work

My work is inspired by the writings of, among others, Raymond Chandler.  I began my creative work with writing song lyrics. In the 1980's I gained an A Level in English, and then turned my attention to poetry and short stories.  Then I began to read the novels of Raymond Chandler and the short stories of Ellery Queen, and Alfred Hitchcock as well as others such as Hemingway as well as a vast number of Victorian novels.

I won a runner up  prize  for an essay on Peace in the early 1980's and launched  my writing work with the motivation gained by this prize.

I got a favourable comment from a professional writer for a poem on the Virgin Mary and a four star rating for a short story entitled Danger Zone on a website entitled writing.com.  This helped me gain enormous confidence in writing.


Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell
Always dreaming for plenty
Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell
Get ready for the city
Tinkerbell, of Neverland
No one tries to understand
Cute  and lovely, Tinkerbell
I love you, so swell
Cute fairy, Tinkerbell
You are grand, I can tell
Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell,
So in love with Peter Pan
Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell,
I love you, and I can
Tinkerbell, of Neverland
Take me by the hand
Cute and pretty, Tinkerbell,
Come on out of that shell
Lovely little, Tinkerbell
Its Christmas time in the city
Just like a Land of Plenty.


The above photographs were taken in the city of Cambridge, UK.

When I arrived at the College campus, at the University of Cambridge, I was quite intrigued by the statues at the front entrance to Churchill College.  The statues were modern but at the same time were not vulgar or offensive.

When I checked in at the Porter's office, the Porter who checked my documents honestly thought I was a foreign student from overseas.  It took a slight bit of persuasion to convince him I am normally resident in Berkshire.

The porter provided accurate information as to how to get to my room where I was to stay for my holiday at the Campus grounds.  It seems they were confident of my ability to concentrate.

Throughout my holiday in the University I enjoyed the prices and the quality of the meals, the designs and paintings hung on the walls, and the large college campus grounds.

I also made the acquaintance of one or two College professors.
The City of Cambridge

Located at the back of a main shopping centre, the central library has some very good computers with powerful processors, and is well lit and well furnished.

The cafes and restaurants are somewhat expensive, though they provide value for  money.  As I expected, the Italian restaurants are overly generous with the amount provided for each meal purchased.

The transport to and from Churchill College was not as frequent as I had hoped.  Nevertheless, the citilink buses are very affluent in the interior.

The city centre has two main shopping plazas, each bigger than the Oracle and Broad Street Mall in Reading.

I was struck by the number of city parks, all larger than I had expected.

Most of the other University Campuses are in the city centre and I enjoyed taking snapshots of them with my digital camera.
The picture above is of one of the Cambridge University Colleges.  
This sculpture was photographed on the Churchill College campus.  It struck me as new and innovative.  Simple in design, it symbolises some interesting geometric concept.  It took some time for me to appreciate the skill behind the statue, not being an artist myself.


Coral Island


The bright yellow sand

The gently cascading water

A Lone coral island

The palm trees grow as ever

The sun beating down its rays

Sunshine brings memories of vacations

In the past in childhood days

An island unlike all other nations

The green forest, the leafy hills

Beautiful birds, with glorious wings

No need for pain, or medical pills

Clear is the heart and soul that sings

Alone on this oasis

Tranquility, a silent bliss

Away from the distant lands

Where empty hearts, with loaded hands

Have no vision, have no hearing

Only vice, and spite and stealing

Alone it stands, against the tide

Calm, serene, no guilt to hide

A coral island, a barrier reef

From brutal reality, a soothing relief.





Postcards from Venice


Picture postcards, bright and quaint

Images of canals and boats

My mind is adrift, it floats

A Painting, of a chapel, of a saint

I imagine I'm on a gondola

Sailing on the waters

In my hand a soda

On our way, we go faster

From a hotel, to a museum

All a dream, all an illusion

Still the dream lingers

Both in heart and mind

Counting days on my fingers

Hoping to visit Venice

To leave my stress behind

Wishing on a chalice

That I see in my mind

Postcards from the city

I lie awake and empty

Supper time and the living is easy.  A group of pigeons enjoying their meal in the town centre here in Reading.
A portrait of an artiste as a prolific musician.  This lady plays excellent harpsichord during the weekends in Reading UK. She kindly gave permission to be photographed.

1 This website has changed it's name to: The Creative Pen Train.  On hindsight, the previous name raised an image connected with espionage!  

2 The contents on this website will gradually be changing to mainly poetry and photographs.  It is not yet practical for me to add more fiction work at the moment.
RETRO CARS - Puegot 204 and Peugot 304
A wash out-Reading Town Centre on an autumn day.
A view of Oxford city centre, on the way to the Rail station.
This is where I sometimes visit Oxford for lectures.  This is a location of a division of Oxford University for the not so young.
Below is a download which is my Personal Perspective of Michael Jackson in particular reference to his recording career. The source for this material is from the LA Times (USA) to whom I am deeply grateful for their posting of a detailed timeline of Michael's life on their website. Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome, and the e-mail is below.
A water margin on the Thames River, (Kings Meadow) in Reading, UK
The Waterfront at the Charles River, Boston.  (Massachusetts, USA)
A Fountain, A Church, The Town Centre

Like a bright white rose

Floating on the river

Like the one God chose

To make life sweeter

Like an evening kite

Adrift on the dark water

On a cold cruel night

A swan is the comforter

The graceful white swan

Eases the pain of rage

An angry soul becomes calm

And turns a new page


Walking along a river

In a town at night

On the ink black water

A swan, glowing marble white

A lone soothing apparition

Away goes the depression

The swan, a natural wonder

For my spirit, a rest

Only a swan, only the best


A common water bird

It comforts the heart

A deity in mythology

Enchanting work of art

She will remain in history

Glorious, serene for eternity

For Sale
A booklet of my poetry (over 75 poems) in pdf form is now available for sale.  The price is $4 for US and the Americas; £3 for the UK and other countries.  Please feel welcome to e-mail me at stormabdul99@hasanmgm.net for further details.  I await your custom.  
Travel Notes

A Dream Destination
A Visit to Cambridge


 On the 6th of July this year, 2012, I went to the Railway Station in Reading to start a journey to one of my dream destinations, namely Cambridge. It would be the first train ride for several years, the previous one being to London.  I reached an excessively busy platform where trains were arriving and leaving for Paddington, London every ten minutes or so.  Not having travelled by rail for some years, I did not realise I had to change stations at Paddington for Kings Cross.  As a result  I faced a delay of some hours before finally heading off for Cambridge where the famous University is located.

At my arrival at Paddington Station, I thought I would be able to take a British Railways train or at least a shuttle to Kings Cross.  I had forgotten and indeed was disappointed at having to use the London Underground just to change to the Kings Cross Station. After all, it had been such a long time since I travelled by rail.

When I arrived at Kings Cross station I was impressed by the size, aspect and the neatness of the station, notwithstanding the fact that the station was being refurbished.  I took the first direct train to Cambridge and I enjoyed the ride.

The train ride to Cambridge was more than adequate compensation for the inconvenience of changing stations from Paddington to Kings Cross.

As the train rode along the tracks towards the city of Cambridge, I looked out and saw the gently sloping countryside with its alpine green vegetation, some small villages, and clusters of dark green trees dotted around the landscape.  It became clear to me why the environmental campaigners have such a deep passion for their overall objectives.

When I arrived at the Cambridge Central Railway Station, it was different to what I had imagined, and instead was a very open aired, well maintained railway station.

After checking out, I was skeptical at first about taking a taxi, but was lucky enough to meet a taxi driver who was efficient and reliable, and did not underestimate his fare charge.


On the day of my return journey, I woke up exceptionally early and checked in at the Porters office to leave.  However he persuaded me to wait and have breakfast before leaving to which I reluctantly agreed.  After having breakfast in the usual dining hall, I headed off for the city centre by bus to the rail station.

On reaching the city centre I decided I would go straight to the Railway Station instead of lingering around first in the shopping area.

I boarded a busy train to Kings Cross which was rather crowded.

After changing at Kings Cross to Paddington Station, I boarded the train to Reading. On reaching Reading itself, I was confronted with the same usual noises of traffic and road repairs, and once again settled for the idea that "now I found that the world is round, and of course it rains every day."  (as sung by the Bee Gees).


Magic Tambourine

Pictures of life in a mansion

A courtyard of plenty

Walking around in a rose garden

Having fun, not being thrifty


Dreaming away for a life

Amid crowds and a limousine

A rich and pretty wife

Famous with my Magic Tambourine


One day I’ll play to crowds

Earn vast and many fortunes

But I awake, all is in shrouds

All around, angry thumping tunes

My music is but a dream

Antique is my Magic Tambourine


Yesterday I had the song

Of love and happiness

Now it all seems wrong

All is regret and bitterness


On my shelf the Magic Tambourine

In my heart, a yearning

Not for wealth, nor singing

But a pure, humble life supreme

These red roses were photographed in the Forbury Gardens in Reading, UK
Yellow Roses
I found this bunch of lovely yellow roses in the same area of the Forbury Gradens mentioned above.
The above three pictures of roses in bloom were taken locally and about a few weeks ago.

Sea Bird

Sea gulls above the ocean
The ship is sailing the seas
As it sails, memories
Come with tearful emotion

An albatross flying within sight
Sings the songs of solitaire
Smooth and graceful his flight
Transfixed, I stand and stare

Evening shadows are falling
On an ocean deep and vast
The sailors are calling
To lower the mast

But my mind is fully dazed
With the winged giants image
All is become crazed
The ship seems savage

A storm mounts with full might
Waves beat against the ship
The sailors toss, some trip
The day is turning to night

Ocean waters splash on board
Sailors suffer injuries untold
No sign of harbor or shore
Gales blow hard, and even more
Tempests shake and torment all
The soul awakened to heavens call

The men who steer, struggle to stand
On a floor awash, with salt and sand
Hopes of survival disappear
The albatross flies without fear

Time stands  still, darkness all around
The winds howl, the water splashes
Hope is nowhere to be found
The ship against a rock it crashes

Against a piece of rock  I cling
No sign of life, I see nothing
The light goes out, and I feel
The grip of talons like steel

Sunrise slowly begins to glow
I find myself on a small boat
Adrift without anyone I know
Except a stranger, keeps us afloat

In the near distance, a beach
I see land within reach
Soon, the stranger pulls his oar
And then we are on solid shore

Looking at sky and sea
I am lost in a daze
Above the clouds I see
The albatross in a haze
My eyes become misty
I marvel at God's infinite bounty

About the above Poem

The above poem relates to the proverb "A Friend in Need is a friend Indeed" and is inspired by the famous poem by Coleridge entitled "The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner". At the same time, I would like to think of it as somewhat more optimistic than the famous Epic by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  Hope you all like it, and remember feedback is most welcome at the e-mail address below.
Floral Assortment

A rectangular bed of flowers in Forbury Gardens in Reading, United Kingdom
Green and Yellow
A green and yellow arrow bed of roses in Forbury Gardens, in Reading, UK
Spring in Reading, UK
Along the river, a view from a bridge in Cambridge, United Kingdom
The Forbury Gardens
On the road to the railway station, at one side is the Forbury Gardens in Reading, UK
I am pleased to let everyone know that three of the poems on this website, notably 'Magic Tambourine' & 'Swan' are each available in PDF form for $1 (USA & the Americas) and £1 (UK and rest of the World). These and many more are available together in pdf form for $3 (US and the Americas) or £2.50 (UK and rest of the World). Please send payments to my Paypal ID, abdul909@sky.com.  (My PayPal account name is Hasan Abdulla). All enquiries to stormabdul99@hasanmgm.net  
A Night Owl
I sometimes am awake late at night or the very early hours of the morning, before sunrise.